Kai Po Che 2013 – 

  1. Briefly describe about the three friends.  *Ishaan  *Govind  *Omi
  2. Who helped them to set up a new sports shop?
  3. Who was Ali Hashmi? What is his favourite game apart from cricket?
  4. Who killed Ishaan and why?

 Malgudi Days – 

  1. Describe Swami’s Monday morning?
  2. Why did Mani hated Rajam?
  3. What was the letter written by Swami’s father to the head master?



The Jungle Book – 

१.किसनेहाथीकीजानबचाई ?

२. किसजानवरनेमोगलीका ?



Tare Zameen Par – 

१.इसफिल्ममेंअमीरकणकारोलक्याहै ?

२.किसानकिसरोगसेपीड़ितथा ?

३. किश्मकोकिसतरहकेमुसीबतेझेलोपडी ?

४. इसफिल्मकोदेखकरआपनेक्यासीखा ?



VeluNachiyar – 

  1. ghujpahu; ,aw;if kPJ nfhz;Ls;sg; gw;wpid mtuJ ghly; %yk; tpsf;Ff.
  2. ghujpahupd; ,Wjpfhyk; vt;thW ,Ue;jJ?
  3. ghujpahu; ehl;bd; kPJ nfhz;Ls;sg; gw;wpid vt;thW ntspg;gLj;jpdhu;?

  Bharathi – 

  1. fhkuhru; Mw;wpa gzpfis tptup.
  2. fhkuhru; murpaYf;F vt;thW te;jhu; vd;gijg; gw;wp vOJf.
  3. fhkuhru; ,Wjpfhyk; vt;thW ,Ue;jJ?

 Kamaraj Life History  – 

  1. Mq;fpNyaiu vjpu;j;J MAjk; Ve;jpg; Nghuhba Kjy; tPungz;kzp ahu;?
  2. ahUila cjtpia NtYehr;rpahu; ehbdhu;? mtu; vj;jid giltPuu;fis nfhLj;J cjtpdhu;?
  3. NtYehr;rpahu; ahUf;fhf eLfy; rpw;gk; mikj;jhu;?



 A Man Who Knew Infinity – 

  1. Why Ramanujan is called “The man who knew infinity”?
  2. What is Ramanujan number and why it is called so? When and where did he see that number?
  3. Who is the person helped Ramanujan to publish paper in Cambridge University?

 A beautiful mind – 

  1. “The beautiful mind’ is the story of which mathematician?
  2. What is the theory introduced by John Nash?
  3. Write down the games which are based on mathematics and explain one game in detail?



 The World In 2050 [The Real Future of Earth] 

1.Can you imagine our world in 2050?

2.By mid-century there will be likely 9 billion people on the planet. What will our cities be like?

3.How will we eat in the future of Earth?

4.Will global warming trigger catastrophic changes?

5.Will we be able to manage the crisis with the help of technology development? How? 



Kings and Dynasties of India 

1. Write the achievement of Rajaraja Chola?

2. Under whose reign Srilanka became independent?

3. Write the summary of this video?




The Life of Stephen Hawking 

  1. Who is Stephen Hawking and name his inventions?
  2. Which disease affected him?
  3. What did you learn from this movie?
  4. Write the summary of the movie?


The Future of Food 

1.      List out the importance of food?

2.      Write about the revolutions shown in the video.

3.      Why insecticides & pesticides are used on plants and list its effects on the organism.