Swimming Pool

Yogo / Gymnastics


The sprawling 5 acre campus strikes balance between modern facilities and natural surroundings, creating an atmosphere that is ideal for student to learn, explore and grow in perfect harmony with nature. The academic,co-curricular ancillary zones are purpose to built with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a broad range of provisions. Buildings are air conditioned and fitted with CCTV Surveillance

Academic Zone


  Spacious (550 sq.ft each) and innovatively designed classrooms, with internet connectivity, interactive boards and projector screens.
  Suite of separate laboratories to encourage experiential Learning ( Language Lab, Robotics Lab, 7D Lab,, Math buddy lab, Science Lab, Cookery lab, Computer Lab, Beauty and Wellness Lab, Fashion study Lab, Front office Tourism Lab, Health Care unit).
   Sell stocked Library to facilite independent research and learning.

Co-Curricular Zone


  Playing and practice ground for Cricket and football
 Court for badminton,basketball, Volley ball
 Multi-lane running track for athletics training
 Games Halls for Table Tennis,Chess,Martail arts, Gymnasium and other Indoor games
 Swimming Pool
 Suite room for Music and Dance ,equipped with superior sound and light system

Ancillary Zone


  Dining hall with modern cooking facilities built with high safety and hygiene standards
  Administrative Block with faculty rooms and offices
  Continuous IT support



  A great amount of effort goes into taking care of a child’s school-related requirements. To make thing as convenient as possible for parents and as well as children, Oxaliss provides a range of amenities at the school campus.
  Counseling counselors work with students,parents and teacher, to create a strong support system for the children.Counselors will not only help students when thing go wrong, but also work with them proactively to minimize the chance of the things going wrong.



  A Bus pick up and drop service is available



 We at oxaliss believe every child possesses special intelligence, which he/she exhibits in either academics or sport or co-curricular activities.Every child in the school boarding is given additional help in academics under the supervision of a teacher.
 Yoga Meditation and an overall Indian spirituality provides the much needed food for the soul.Human values, strength of character and vrituous conduct are assimilated by students,just as a sapling would soak up warm sunlight.
The student unwind with movie shows during weekends that are carefully selected by the school committee
Students are served with a sterile, hygienic and vegetarian food
  Laundry services,including steam washing,drying and pressing in sanitized conditions,are extended to the students.
 24 hour uninterrupted power supply with generator back-up
 Sourcing and Procurement
 A Softener plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant help in providing safe and non-contaminated water to the residents on campus.

For Kindergarden


  Happy Tots international curriculum
  Students & Staff ratio 20:1
  Anglo Indian Staff
  Focus on communication Skill
  Art&Craft, Yoga, Karate & Aerobics
  Well decorated classroom with classrooms with AC
  Activity room & Kid’s library
  Indoor Play Zone
 Frequent Educational Trips(To bridge the gap between education, excitement and fun)