Parallelogram Bridge

Mathematical science plays vital role in advanced science and technology. Here is a model of a bridge constructed using the concept of lines and angles. (Infinite pair of parallel lines are parallel to each other)

Electricity Saver in Streets

Saving a unit of energy is equal to creating a unit of energy. Street lights all over the world consume a lot of electricity even when there are no vehicles on the road. This is simple way of reducing the energy loss in street lights and hence to save the electricity­­

Parking Lot

One of the major problems in a city is lack of space to park vehicles. This is a different way of parking vehicles where vehicles are parked one over the other on a giant rotating wheel.

Electricity from bridge

When a vehicle move on a bridge, it applies pressure on it. Here is a method of converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

PSLV Model

A giant PSLV model constructed by the students of class 11, was nearly 3.5 metres with PVC pipe, paint and rexin.