Student Council

Functions of the Student Council

The Student Council is a representative structure for all the students in the school. It provides students with the opportunity to become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management and staff. It shoud always work for the benefit of the school and its students. A student council ia alearning tool. Students learn to think critically through involvement with the student council. The student council creates a positive school atmosphere by providing students with a sense of ownership of their school.

Acts as the Link between the School Management and students

  • The student council listens to the views, opinions and ideas of all students in the school.
  • It ensures that there is equality of treatment between boys and girls, and senior and junior students.
  • It helps improve student/teacher relationships. The student council acts as providers of information. This information could alert the management to student concerns of which they might not be aware and also provides the management with ideas and solutions to problems that students have , e.g. peer pressure, bullying, etc.
  • The student council is a vital channel of communication in the school. It provides the management with information about the opinions of the student body and also gives feedback to the student body from the management. It provides a link betweeen the students and the management, teachers and non-teaching staff.

Acts as Representative of the students 

The student council represents students’ views and is a forum for students’  concerns to be addressed. It also airs students’ difficulties, on behalf of individuals or groups, which might not otherwise come to light. It brings the views and concerns of students to the management and teachers in a diplomatic way.

Acts as a consultative Body

  • The student council has a consultative role. Students could be consulted by the management prior to implementation of new school policies, e.g, bullying, games, sports and other activities.
  • The student council has a role in improving school facilities, e.g sports facilities, better school equipment, school decor (e.g. brighter walls)
  • The student council helps to improve the learning environments by achieving a good school envgironment suitable for all staff and students to work to their maximum ability.

Acts as Peer Support

The student council acts as a peer support group. It provides support on a confidential basis for students with problems, e.g personal, social or teacher/student relationships.